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The Dezimra Institute presents

The Nigguneem (Melodies) of Rosh Hashanah

Ma’ariv—The Evening Prayers

001 Barechu Umavir Yom
ArtScroll P.50 | ArtScroll Transliterated Pp.93–94 | Birnbaum P.23 | Koren P.53

002 Ahavas Olam Melody
ArtScroll P.52 | ArtScroll Transliterated P.94 | Birnbaum P.23 | Koren P.53

003 Umalchuso Mi Chamocha
ArtScroll Pp.56–58 | ArtScroll Transliterated Pp.101–103 |Birnbaum Pp.27–28 | Koren P.63

004 Ushmor Teseinu Tiku Bachodesh Kadish
ArtScroll Pp.58–60 | ArtScroll Transliterated Pp.105–106 | Birnbaum P.29 | Koren P.65

005 Full Kadish-Conclusion
ArtScroll P.80 | ArtScroll Transliterated Pp.128–129 | Birnbaum Pp.42–43 | Koren P.87

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